Time to depart

We are just about to start the big adventure. Our plan is to be at Gibraltar within 6-8 weeks. We made a big shopping which will hopefully last for the next month or so and managed to find safe storage space for everything. As we need more space for our supplies we discover more and more hidden spaces in the boat.

At the moment the two side solar panels are being installed. This is the reason we are still bound to land. Thanks to that we could switch on the air conditioner and hasn’t melted yet. Here, close to the marina it’s around 30C (86F) and luckily today we had some lovely sunshine too. In the afternoon the wind has risen which is ideal for hanging out the clothes to dry. 🙂 The summer has arrived.

Niko will take the shades tomorrow to sew in place the velcro which will hold the flexible solar panels. This way will be much easier to carry the solar panels than inside the cabin.

Now we are sure that we won’t start our journey in Greece. A friend of ours (who spent here lockdown and lived on his boat since March) was denied entry to Greece recently. For boats the borders are still not open. The authorities were not very friendly, after two days non stop sailing, at the middle of the night he was asked to pick up his anchor and leave the greek territorial waters. The next day he arrived to Italy in the afternoon and finally could have some rest. We are planning to meet him very soon.

Following the news we are expecting stricter rules to come into force in Croatia. The number of Covid-19 cases has risen again and it seems that people on holidays are not really following social distancing measures and other rules.

25th June 

Today we were able to enjoy electricity produced by our new solar panels!

In the afternoon when the sun wasn’t too strong, we cooled ourselves in the sea a bit. The girls are more confident by the day in the water.

Niko said he will finish the shade by tomorrow afternoon, so probably we won’t start our journey before Saturday. According to the weather forecast there won’t be any wind…