A perfectly peaceful little island.


The main square of the village is the biggest surprise as we walk up on the streets from the harbour. First, there is a war monument with the yellow bell tower in the background. Another couple of steps and there is the main square, on the right hand side a white multi-storey building, which has a pub on one side and a bakery on the other side.

It is such a lovely peaceful place. Beautiful flowers and vegetable gardens around the little houses. There are some modern buildings too, but not too distracting.

One morning we came up to the square hoping to buy some fresh pastries, but the bakery shop was closed. We kept walking down on the other side of the hill towards the sea, where we find the bakery itself. We bought some pastries and on our way back a car with all the bakery goodies in it passed us towards the square. On our way home we have found a beautiful little lake, almost hidden by bushes and full of water lilies.

In the harbour we met a german family who came from Sukosan too and a group of sponge collector divers also decided to stay here for a couple of days.

It was exciting to see the daily ferry approaching.

Before the stormy winds arrived we sailed back to Sukosan and threw two anchors opposite the Bishop’s Palace.