Meet the Crew

We’re a Hungarian family of four—Anna, Domi, Boróka, and Katalin—embracing an extraordinary adventure: sailing around the world.

Boróka and Katalin

Our values


Family ANd Love First


Aligning with our Planet


Freedom on the wind


Sharing what we love

Our Values

  • Family and Love First: Our family bonds have never been stronger. We share life-altering experiences and face challenges together.
  • Aligning With Our Planet: Exploring different cultures and natural wonders deepens our appreciation for the Earth.
  • Freedom on the Wind: The sea is not just a physical space but also a state of mind, offering us freedom and discovery.
  • Sharing What We Love: Through this adventure, we share the gift of travel and exploration with our daughters and those who follow our journey.

Our Journey to Sailing

Domi has always been captivated by the sea, a place where he’s felt most at home since childhood. Anna grew up with family holidays at Lake Balaton and cherished the sailing experiences with her parents. Together, we’ve been sailing since 2009, primarily in the Mediterranean Sea. The decision to live on a boat was years in the making. It came from a desire for a closer family, and a deeper understanding of different cultures and nature’s grandeur.

Challenges and Adaptations

The learning curve was steep. We had to get accustomed to the nuances of sailing, weather patterns, and boat maintenance. The administrative tasks, particularly during the Covid-19 pandemic, proved to be a huge hurdle. Despite these challenges, the close quarters and shared responsibilities have fortified our family dynamic.

Today and Beyond

We left the Mediterranean in 2020, crossed the Atlantic, explored the Caribbean, and then sailed through the Panama Canal into the Pacific. Life aboard our boat has enhanced our family ties. We are all actively involved in the journey, and we cherish the quality time spent together.

From time to time, we are joined by adventurous souls who sail with us for a portion of our journey. They become an extended part of our crew, sharing in the challenges and joys of life at sea.

Follow our story to see how we navigate the highs and lows, and the adventures yet to come.