Our Home

We permanently live on a sailboat (SV TEATIME). Three cabins, three heads, one galley and a spacious saloon. The space outside is also very comfortable, there are a couple of sheltered wee corners where the kids love spending time. Sometimes it would be better to have some more storage space instead of the third cabin and head, but we still can store there things when no extra people are on board. Sometimes it can be challenging to focus on what you are working on in a confined space. But everyone tries to be considerate and if it comes to that we can always take a cabin and just focus on what we are doing. Can’t wait for the outside space to be a bit more protected from rain and wind too. On the boat we have all the comforts of a smaller flat, we are just a bit more crammed here. And you can’t just walk out the door, but you can most certainly go for a swim, anytime… 🙂

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