Our Home

We call our sailboat Teatime, and it’s more than just a vessel—it’s our floating home. With three cabins and just as many heads, a cozy galley, and a welcoming saloon, we’ve got just about everything we need. While the space might be a bit more ‘intimate’ than your average flat, it’s taught us the value of being considerate and giving each other room when needed.

Life aboard comes with its quirks, of course. Heated debates can’t be resolved by storming out the front door, but taking a refreshing dip into the ocean is always an option. Our outdoor spaces have hidden nooks that the kids have claimed as their own, perfect for reading or simply daydreaming.

One of the best perks? We can change our backyard scenery whenever we like. Anchored in a stunning bay today, moored in a bustling marina tomorrow. And if we ever do get island fever, our six-person dinghy is always ready for short escapes to nearby shores.