We have started!


We decided not to wait any longer and start the big adventure. We had a last swim in Sukošan Bay and then we headed to Vis.

We have left. Not all the works are finished on the boat, but we felt that we are running out of time and we also needed this change mentally.

Sunrise with mysterious big fish 🙂

It was a calm night, we even had a little wind. We managed to sail most of the time, at a speed of 3-4 knots and turned the engine on when the wind stopped. After some sleep, we swapped with Domi around 4:30 am. It was him who saw the sunrise with the mysterious big fish…


We arrived to Vis in the morning. Beautiful as always, but unusually quiet. At the city walls there were only a few boats. Most of the shops closed. In summertime it is usually very busy, almost impossible to find space for the boat. It was strange to see the city so empty, especially because  Sukošan is back to “normal”.

We threw out the rubbish here and realised that the port of entry is closed on Sundays. The closest where we can check out is Lastovo.

On our way to Lastovo. Somewhere before Ubli we will look for a place to set anchor

Everyone is asleep, except me 🙂 We have downwind and big, not very pleasant waves. We looked around before nightfall to see where we want to dock when checking out tomorrow, then in a very calm and protected bay set anchor.

Domi went straight into bed, he was really tired. We went for a swim with the girls, so they could stretch their legs a bit after a whole day onboard. We didn’t go too far because it was already dark and Kati is not overly confident swimming. She has improved a lot, she is getting the hang of it since we went for a swim with Iva close to the heart shape island below Sukošan. Then shortly we went to sleep too.

29.06.2020 Feast of Saints Peter and Paul

We woke up to lovely bird chirping and pine smell in the air. The water was calm and crystal clear, we could see the bottom of the sea. Domi set up everything that needed internet and signal because we are not sure how long we will have that after we get further from the coast. Then we went to do the check out. The small sailboat under  Slovenian flag was already there and kindly offered to dock next to them. There wasn’t anyone in the port of entry, although the opening time was 7 am. We wrote a couple of postcards and I went out to post them quickly. I saw a couple who was loading their boat and asked them for directions. It turned out that the closest postbox is in the nearby village and they very thoughtfully offered to take the postcards for me when they go in a couple of day’s time. Thanks again!

On my way back I have seen a police car with the officers, so hurried back to the boat. The paperwork was done in no time. We got around 20 minutes to spend our last Croatian Kunas. Domi also popped in to the shops to buy some bits and bobs (sekli, peanuts, beer, electrical tape…)

And heading to Italy!!!!

We went with the engine until half 3 towards Bari. When there was a bit f wind we sailed, then with the engine again. Around 6pm it turned out that we won’t be able to pick up the life raft holder in Bari, so we turned towards Brindizi and Monopoli.

Before Brindizi


Around 3 in the morning the wind has arrived (10-13 knots), so we could sail nicely until sunrise. 

At the moment we are sailing parallel to the shore. The weather is clear, the sea is calm. There is a little wind, we are heading towards Otranto. If we are really tired we will stop.

Just before midnight we set anchor at Otranto and went to bed.