The new genoa and staysail have arrived from Barcelona

12nd of November, 2020

Now we no longer have a self tacking jib, but a large genoa, and a smaller self tacking stay sail has been sewn from the old jib, which is small in area and can be used well in high winds. The remaining material will be used for possible repairs, but there is also a repair kit now on board. We’ve tested how we can pole out in down wind, and the redesigned system seems to be working well.

Plenty of little things were done on the boat during this long time spent in port. For example, the completion of warranty repairs (gel repairs), some of which were discontinued in March due to the coronavirus.

We have a boom brake that prevents it from suddenly slamming from one side to the other; causing an accident or other damage! Rope routing and re-routing also works according to a new concept, plus stoppers to help with rope handling.

An additional tricolor navigation light have also been placed on top of the mast (so far only the red, green light on the bow of the ship, the white on the stern) so there will be no disturbing the red and green light reflected from the waves in the dark and white light reflected from the stainless steel at the stern. This makes it easier to spot the boat, even with larger waves, and perhaps even easier for cargo ships to see.

The backup autopilot has also been built in and is already working, which is a huge thing! In preparation of the work, two outdoor storage locker had to be emptied every two days, and the children’s entire cabin, including the bed, had to be dismantled. Unpack back in the evening so they can sleep and have a place to travel. Now, it is finally done and we were able to test it outside! So if there was a problem with the primary autopilot drive on the way, we wouldn’t have to steer by hand for the rest of the time (which is quite strenuous), we just have to switch to backup.

The radar has been replaced under warranty, now the new one is up on the mast, so far everything seems to be fine with it. The boat is developing nicely, slowly becoming what we want it to be and what we need for such a long, beautiful journey. 🙂