This is a lovely bay close to Pag with a wonderful, sandy beach. Usually there isn’t a lot of boat traffic in the area, possibly because of the gusty and unpleasant bora wind blowing down from the mountains. Since the weather forecast was good, we decided to visit the place and spend a night here. After sunset a couple of fishermen came by and we have seen them cast their nets.

The coast is quite colourful, it is mostly bare because of the strong and constant winds. It’s rocky at places and at the end of the bay the soil is red, clayey with bright green reed growing close to the shore. A bit further at the coast the soil changes to brown sand. There are white heron and the prints, wool and excrement of sheep. Many different shell and sea snail on the beach. In the distance we see a couple of fishing huts, cars and fishermen.

It is so nice walking in the sand – barefoot. If the sun is out it is very warm, but when a cloud comes we are almost cold. It is the beginning of June. The kids are walking knee deep in the sea and playing with the sand, collecting shells and observing small fish playing hide and seek in the water. If we could, we would love to stay longer, but the wind is getting stronger. We go back to the boat and weigh anchor.

The wind whipped up the waves and we need to sail facing them which is not very pleasant, but we manage to find the best setting of the sails and slowly approach to Molat.