At anchor next to the marina

At the beginning of April we left the marina. Our lease has expired and we did not renew, since our plan was to start the journey in the Mediterranean sea towards Gibraltar. First we wanted to go to Italy, then as the situation has changed due to the pandemic we thought that maybe Malta could be our first destination instead, later Greece became a possible place to start then all boarders and marinas has closed down.

In Croatia a strict lockdown has started around this time, which is really difficult to interpret in the case of a sailing boat. We have received a lot of help regarding this at the local police station from a very kind policewoman.

At the moment we are at anchor in a very protected bay, a 100m away from the marina in Sukosan.

If any of the specialists need access to the boat we moor for 2 hours at the petrol station. Today they have changed the oil in the engine this way, Niko has tried the windbreaks to the existing shade and Ratko has installed the ladder. They also took measurements for some further work (we are waiting for a quote for a screen holder, flag eyelets and a liferaft holder).

Home schooling is very similar to the way we used to do it before the pandemic. In fact it is much easier since now everyone is homeschooling. We have a lot more help and feedback from the school than before and there are online classes a couple of times a week.

Shopping is not easy as we disinfect everything we buy and put in quarantine before they can get to the boat. Wearing gloves and face mask. It was difficult to get hand sanitiser or rubber gloves for a while. Now the number of customers allowed in the shops is limited and the queues are outside the shops.

We go out to the marina almost every day with the dinghy. This is the time for Domi to take care of things at the reception or in the local sailing shop and have a walk. We take the bikes or scooters, play tag, frisbee, have a walk, observe nature at the beach and shore. The marina is quite special as there are kingfishers there, these beautiful birds live under the pier and at the gaps in the stone dam.

The wisteria is blooming, you can smell the sweet smell in the air.

We chat a lot online to friends and relatives.