Diary, Ravni Žakan

21, April

The lock down is lifted, we can travel in our local area. Maybe we will sail somewhere nearby.

Today is a bit cold and overcast. Today we did some indoor excercise with the kids, they did really well.

We have tried the frozen yeast, it worked and the bread turned out to be very tasty. Still no dried yeast in the shops, so we froze the fresh yeast in small, 25g portions.

22, April

When we phoned Ravni Žakan, Nikša said we can of course visit and dock there, although the restaurant is closed. 

Generator check up at the petrol station. After any jobs done onboard we thoroughly deep clean the boat. 

We are ready to head the Kornati National Park. After storing everything onboard securely the boat is ready tilt and we set sails for the Kornati Islands.

Such a long time since we last set sails. We haven’t really gone anywhere recently… It feels good to have a destination. Glorious sunshine, everything is nice and quiet, just a couple of fishing boats here and there and one or two brand new sailing boats heading their destination but otherwise very little traffic. In the afternoon we arrive and dock at the pier. We go for a short walk to one of the peaks on the island, while the kids observe the nearby sheep. They try to get closer to them and when they manage, instantly come the worry: will they attack? 🙂 No reason for worrying. Apple and biscuits for snack in the afternoon sun, then we walk back to the boat, it’s getting colder and the sunset is painting beautiful orange and pink skies.

It was very interesting to get to know the locals a bit better. We cooked fresh octopus and fish. It was great to see the National Park off season. They opened the local sport fields for the girls so they could run around a bit. It was fascinating to see the fishermen doing their daily routine on the pier… and very relaxing. We wanted to stay longer, but there is plenty to do to finish the preparations and the wind wasn’t ideal either.