We have completed the first stage of our journey

We have reached the end of the first leg of our journey. The Canary Islands were the goal and here we are. Due to the Coronavirus pandemic we had to start much later and had to shorten our journey, but we still managed to achieve our goal! It reminds me we didn’t even celebrate! It didn’t even occur to us, we’re constantly working, and we’re already getting ready for the next leg.

We need to remember this in the midst of a lot of work! The kids cleaned the boat beautifully, put it in order, and made decorations. They were excitedly prepared for the celebration and designed the details. Meanwhile, the small almond cakes were baked, and strawberry and orange jam was found. Together we looked at the map, the girls showed us where we started, where we went, and where we are now. We had a game together, dressing up in costumes, we also got tattoos from them. The afternoon was spent happily celebrating the completion of the first stretch of the journey!