Las Palmas, port

24 September 2020

We arrived at midnight on Monday. Beforehand in the afternoon, Domi called the port and we were told to dock the boat behind the reception building, which is in turn behind a large lifeboat, just to the left of the entrance. We docked, then pulled the boat backwards, just in case someone else arriving at night could fit in front of us. We put away more or less, then went to rest. Around 7–8 in the morning, life had already begun, boats came and went around us, but check-in only opened at 9 am. Based on some strange calculation, we ended up paying for two days, because it would have been twice as much as for three days. Yes, we have to pay in advance here and our 2 x 24 hours started at midnight. Water and electricity are also included in the price.

It was strange to moor the boat with a Mediterranean mooring again. It last occurred in Palermo. There is a lot of dirt around us (the wind always blows sand here), gutted boats are everywhere. Many sailboats are homes. Everyone is working on something, preparing to cross the Atlantic or set out on other routes: building a solar panel structure or removing a wind sensor from the top of the mast, because some part isn’t working, asking quote for a sail change, rebuilding the boats’s interior, while furniture boards and unused suitcases lay on top of the boat waiting for better times, others repainting the anchor chain on the pier.

Yesterday it rained, but not much, just many times a little, everything is covered in sand up here on board. For drying clothes, I wiped off as much as I had to… This morning-, experts of one of the local companies visited us to assess the tasks we need help with. The company is very versatile, its workers seem very professional.

On haircuts… It was about a year ago when a hairdresser last cut my hair and now it would be very good for my poor head. I cut Domi’s hair. Domi’s hairdresser Gitta very kindly and deftly taught me the basics of how to cut hair at home, nonetheless before the first cut, I called her and asked for a little polishing… it was in March. I am much braver now. I watched videos, but I cannot cut my own hair. Now I’m thinking of visiting a local hairdresser, although am a bit scared of the coronavirus.

It would be nice to relax a little, but this damn water problem needs to be solved! There is always water at the bottom of the boat. We now review the whole system on a regular basis (not for the first time): four possible causes have already been identified and we have got some ideas on how to fix them as well.

26 September 2020

It was overcast and almost cool in the morning, but the sad mood lasted only till noon, now the sun is brightly shining. We defrosted the freezer, washed out the fridge, updated the storage map (what to find where). Delivery of the ordered food is expected in the evening. Kids cheerfully playing with fairy legos in the shady part of the cockpit.