50 days to go

50 days left to leave our beloved marina and set sail to start our big adventure. And many (too many…?) things to do before that. By now we have an idea about what can be done before that and what are the tasks we need to put on hold for a while. To prepare the vessel for such a long journey, which will take us to distant and sometimes isolated places, takes a lot of work. We try to make the most of the remaining time and resources. We know that there are still some tasks and acquisitions which will enhance partly our safety partly our comfort. We hope we can do as many of them as possible before crossing the Atlantic Ocean.

Now we try to focus on the next (very busy) 50 days. This week with the technical support of the Jeanneau shipyard the distributor’s specialists will come on board to help us prepare the vessel for the journey. After that we will do our best to complete the tasks on the left hand side post-its and then move them to the right hand side. 🙂