Who Are We?

We are a Hungarian family of four on the adventure of a lifetime: sailing around the globe!

Boróka and Katalin

Our values


Family ANd Love First


Aligning with our Planet


Freedom on the wind


Sharing what we love

Domi has always been attracted to the sea. Since childhood, the sea has been where he felt at home. He has always known that one day he would start this journey.

Anna always enjoyed spending family holidays at Lake Balaton and sailing with her parents growing up. She decided she wanted to embark on this journey about two years before the departure.

Together, we have been sailing since 2009, mainly on the Mediterranean Sea. We’d spend most holidays sailing with friends, family, or just the two of us. And then, a couple of years ago, we started to talk about sailing around the world…

Several years later, in 2019, we sold everything we could and moved onto our sailboat. We decided to live there for the upcoming years with our two daughters, Boróka and Katalin. We planned to work and study there with the girls, all while traveling across the sea, getting to know other cultures and the world’s natural beauties.

In 2020 we left the Mediterranean Sea, sailed across the Atlantic Ocean, and arrived in the Caribbeans. We’ve since crossed the Panama Canal to the Pacific Ocean.

Living together on a boat has been really good for our family dynamic. We have a closer relationship with our kids, and everyone participates much more in family activities when we are on a journey together.

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